What Kind Of Web Hosting Does Google Offer?

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by tvol

What Kind Of Web Hosting Does Google Offer?

Google web hosting is said to be free, but have you wondered what you get with it? Let’s talk a bit about Google’s free web hosting, and how it can meet your needs.

Free Google web hosting can work out beautifully if your aim is to put up a small site for yourself, for your church, or for your community. The large variety of free templates and tools can make starting your site very easy, even if you’ve never done it before.

The templates are creative and designed well. They offer different features for all needs: The project Wiki template is one example – you and the members of your team have unlimited access to features, and you can go back to update as much as you need. They also have a calendar available, which you can use to keep track of different events.

The Classroom site template is designed for teachers, and it can be used to update information for students and parents. You can use this to update your students and their families about events such as field trips, and post information that you would otherwise have to hand out. There is also a contact form so that parents and students can easily email you.

Another popular template is the Company Intranet, which allows you to set up an internal website for a business. It includes a calendar and space for company news. And, another good one is the Family template, which is more relaxed and offers a space for posting photos.

You can choose to make your site public or private, depending on whether you want everyone to be able to access it, or only a few people of your choosing.

Of course, being a free web hosting account, it does have limitations. This type of account would not work for commercial sites that need a large video download or need to have a shopping cart. It is mainly designed for small personal or group sites.

In case you need an upgrade, the Premier Edition gives you access to 10 GB of space, which is more than enough for most sites. Your Google Apps Premier Edition account also offers unlimited e-mail storage and free voice calls.

If your goal is to start different sites or to use a site for commercial business, you might want to own your own domain. Google Apps gives you the opportunity to point your Google site design at your own domain.

If you choose to use the free service, to some extent you are at the mercy of Google. If they have objections to your site, they could close it down. This problem will not occur if your site is legal and runs along good ethical terms. However it is something to consider before you commit to using any free hosting service such as Google web hosting.

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