What To Do If You Repeatedly Input A Wrong Yahoo Messenger Password


What To Do If You Repeatedly Input A Wrong Yahoo Messenger Password

To have more control over who accesses your email account, you have to have your passwords changed frequently. That way, a third party who might have gotten your password under dubious circumstances cannot access your account. In Yahoo, one password is common to other personalized services provided by Yahoo. You can use the same password for Yahoo finance, Yahoo Messenger and My Yahoo.

You can change your messenger password and the other Yahoo services will automatically update to suit your new password.

Changing the passwords in Yahoo Messenger is not a headache at all. You can reach your account by first login into either Yahoo Messenger or another Yahoo service. Once you have keyed in your Yahoo ID and have provided the present password you will end up in your account.

Identify the link with your name and click it. Doing this will bring some options for you to choose from and you should select “account info” from there. You are really close to the change your password menu because all you need now is to enter your password for the second time to ensure that it is a genuine request.

Once you get to that section, all you have to do is key in the password as it is, and have the one you desire as your new password keyed in a separate indicated field. Be keen about your spelling.

When you have finished, you can click save. A message should automatically appear informing you that you have managed to change the password. If it fails to work, you can anyway have the information keyed in again. Do it until you finally get the success message then click continue.

The next page you will be led to is that one where you will find settings for your account log in. To proof that your new password “works” you can click the sign in link, use the new password and if it does, it will lead you to the account settings page.

Your Yahoo Account is therefore more protected if you do this, meaning that you can often change the passwords for your Yahoo Messenger.

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