Where In The World Is Windows Update Agent 5.8.02469?


Where In The World Is Windows Update Agent 5.8.02469?

Ha! Alas, those who choose not to regularly update their software got a rather nasty surprise when trying to install one of the latest versions of Windows Live Messenger. If you do not have your computer set for automatic updates, you may be one of the unfortunate souls who gets the message “You must install the critical update “Windows Update Agent 5.8.02469” when trying to install Windows Live Messenger. And judging from the amount of forum requests and frantic questions at numerous answer forums, you are definitely not alone. So where in the world is this elusive Windows Update Agent 5.802469?

Since it can seem a bit intrusive for some and just downright annoying to others, many people opt to turn off the automatic update feature on their computer for whatever reasons. Recent versions of Microsoft Windows, including Windows ME, 98, 2000, XP, and Vista all have this automatic update feature included. It is important for you to keep your computer updated because Microsoft issues patches and updates for security issues on a regular basis. If you choose to manually update, be sure to visit the Microsoft update site on a regular basis. You can choose which updates you wish to install, but the critical updates are the ones you should be most concerned about.

Since updates patch gaping holes in Microsoft Windows, do not be surprised to find that you are suddenly a victim of a virus, Trojan, worm, or some other such nastiness if you choose not to make sure that your software is updated. You may wonder how you have fallen victim to such things when you have not done of the traditional ‘wrong’ things (such as opening unknown attachments or downloading illegal software) that normally cause these problems. Simply put, you may have neglected to keep your Windows software updated and someone may have exploited one of the known security vulnerabilities in the software. It is also most likely the reason you cannot find Windows Update Agent 5.8.02469.

Now that you understand the importance of updating your Windows software, if you do not have your computer set for automatic updating, you can regularly check for updates by going to windows update – your operating system will be detected automatically. You can then scan your computer for updates and the results will return any critical and/or security updates your system may require. Choose the critical updates and any recommended updates you may want and then select ‘Install’. For those who are missing the elusive Windows Update Agent 5.8.02469, you will probably find it hiding out here.

So, where in the world was Windows Update Agent 5.8.02469? Perhaps, it was hiding right under your nose all the time. Many of our computer issues can be solved by taking care to perform a little maintenance and care on a regular basis. So the next time you try to install a new software program and get an annoying error message, it may just be that you have not been as diligent about keeping your software current as you should have been.

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