Why Internet Talk Shows Are a Great Chiropractic Marketing Strategy


Why Internet Talk Shows Are a Great Chiropractic Marketing Strategy

If you’re a practicing chiropractor who’s been struggling to get a leg up on marketing chiropractic services, then you’re reading the right article. How would you like to rapidly grow the number of your patients with your very own radio talk show? I know what you’re thinking: What would a radio talk show have anything to do with chiropractic advertising? Well, lots.

What would you say if I told you that you could host your own health talk show? It’s a fun idea, but hardly something you’d consider when youre marketing. If you think about it, however, marketing with a health talk show can generate some serious benefits for your advertising campaign. It isn’t any different from article marketing wherein you write down your pitch and send it out. But BlogTalkRadio gives you the ability to do so much more with what you already have:

* Like a regular talk show, you’re free to do 15 to up to 120 minutes of a segment

* Listeners can talk to you during a show by calling in

* Listeners can talk to other listeners through live chat

* Each episode is available for replay

* All episodes are available for download

* BlogTalkRadio is 100% free

Chiropractic marketing is practically a breeze when coupled with BlogTalkRadios features. You should also consider the advantages when you’re making use of this tool to advertise.

1. Chiropractic marketing online is made easier when you’re listed as a top result on Google. With BlogTalkRadio, you don’t need to struggle with confusing and complicated marketing practices like search engine optimization or affiliate marketing. The mere presence of your talk show in BlogTalkRadio is enough to get your chiropractic ads noticed.

2. Your client base will definitely grow with your own health talk show. You can just imagine the presence that BlogTalkRadio is going to give to you. With potential patients constantly stumbling upon your name, marketing chiropractic services is a done deal for you.

3. As your existing patients, I’ll bet many of them would get excited over seeing their chiropractor with his own health talk show. It’s a great way to attract patient referrals, again, growing your client base. Compared to a chiropractor whom patients only see by appointment, a regular talk show would get them active and involved.

4. If you have a new service that you’d like your patients to know about, this could also be an effective way to launch your chiropractic ads. With BlogTalkRadio, you can refer all of your clients to the download link via email or burn it on some CDs to give away.

5. BlogTalkRadio offers quite the leverage for future chiropractic advertising. Two years from now, you could still be reaping the benefits of a single segment you made on spinal decompression.

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