Why Skype Will Run Phone Companies Out Of Business


Why Skype Will Run Phone Companies Out Of Business

Internet communication has allows people to cross many boundaries and get in touch in ways that could never be dreamed of years ago. People are constantly on social networking sites, on Instant Messenger, and now you can Skype. Skype phone calls have made it so you can essentially call someone on the phone but see them face-to-face by using the internet and a web camera with a microphone.

The best part is that Skype is free. You can talk to anyone anywhere in the world. I personally frequently spoke to a friend studying abroad in Scotland many times. I got to talk to her face-to-face for hours and it didn’t cost a dime. I can’t imagine what even a fifteen minute phone call would have cost.

It’s a free program available to download on just about any computer. It helps, of course, if your computer is more up-to-date and you have a good internet connection. Some computers have built-in cameras and microphones. For others, you need to buy a camera. Make sure if you pick one up, it has a microphone in it! These are easy to find and cheap.

The good thing about Skype is that it has all the benefits of instant messaging, talking on the phone, and seeing someone face-to-face. You can chat via text with several people, use emoticons, and store conversations. You can even send messages when a friend is offline, so the next time they sign in the message will be received.

When both people are online and their Skype program is open, you are then all set to talk via Skype. It is easy to tell who is online or not by the color-coded Skype symbol next to their screen name. And Skype gives you options, too. You can just text-chat, make a phone call to them, or talk through microphone and video. Someone is called, they get a ring tone, just like with a normal phone. They can either accept or reject the call.

It is just as private as normal phones. Some people are wary of the internet and being connected to strangers. But you make a profile with Skype with a screen name. You include personal details, but they can only be seen by people you accept to your friends list. You can get calls from anyone, as with normal phones, but you have the option to block them from contacting you–a privilege you don’t have with a normal phone.

As with any piece of new technology, Skype has a few kinks to sort out. Calls can be lost–but all cell phone users are used to this. The most irritating thing is when a camera freezes or goes out of sync. You obviously can’t lug around a computer with you throughout the day, so you tend to have to plan Skype conversations ahead of time. Sometimes the microphone and video applications can have issues, but Skype has a good users’ guide to walk you through it.

Skype is the beginning for most video calls; there will one day be this application for all cell phones. It is not a perfect system, but it is very convenient and cost-efficient. Skype is an excellent stepping stone for future communications.

Call from any PC by using skype phones. A fantastic way to stay in touch with those people you love. Use the skype phone, it’s very easy and simple to do. Learn more online today!
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