Windows Live Essential in windows 8


Windows Live Essential in windows 8

Windows Live essential tools is a feature launched by Microsoft in windows Vista but with the t passage of time, a lot of changes are introduced by the Microsoft of which most of the people are not aware of. Windows Live Essential contain set of essential software’s designed for fulfilling the general purposes like messaging , sharing photos docs, mails, blogging and sharing data .In this article I will let you know about the Windows Live Essentials present for Windows 8. It contains user friendly tools which you can use for sharing pictures, docs, and movies with your family, friends, and colleagues.
Features of Windows Live Essential:
You don’t have to pay a single penny. It is freely available at Microsoft Website.
Windows Live Essential is user friendly tools.
These tools are very reliable and easy to use.
List of applications attached with Windows live tools in Windows 8:
Messenger: It is expected that Windows Messenger application will be stripped off after March 15 2013 and no longer will be available for users. All the existing accounts will be translated from Windows Messenger to Skype. So it is recommended to the entire users that they must go for Skype. This app is basically designed for user to exchange messages and can chat with each other. Even the Video chat is available for serving all needs of user.
Photo Gallery: This app is introduced by Microsoft to provide a platform for user to view, edit and share photos among his friends, family members and colleagues. Most of the people love this application as it is easy to use and you don’t need to be computer geek to do all the stuff.
Windows Live Mail: As the name suggest this application is designed for people to exchange mails among themselves. These mails generally contain text docs, HD Photos/images etc. You don’t have to put lot of effort ,just by creating a simple account on Windows live mail you can ripe off all these services free of cost. You have got an option to add contacts to your webmail account. Apps like Calendar exists which will ease your work.
SkyDrive: You don’t have to confine yourself within few GBs of data. Now you have SkyDrive instead of Windows Live mesh as new Microsoft Online storage which is a very unique, useful handy application which let you store all your stuff.
Microsoft Movie Maker: This app is basically developed for the people who love to create their own short video clips and want to express and share their own life experiences by using these apps. It allows user to edit, introduce video stabilization effect, integrate video with the music etc.
Microsoft Writer: This application is most preferred by people who love blogging. This application is equipped with the most of the tools which can help you to write blogs, add images and add videos.
Family Safety: This application is basically developed for the parents who are very busy and wants to monitor the activities of their kids. By using tools you can choose website, games, time duration, stuff which are required for the proper development of your kids. Even the Microsoft has included Remote management facility to monitor your child’s activities via online methods. This application will generate activity reports which always help you to track the activities of your kid.
Thus Windows Live essential tools offer a better way to manage your computer. If you have any computer problem then you can contact 1-855-352-1816 for resolving problems. You can also use computer maintenance tools for enhancing the speed and performance of your computer setup.

Bella Martin received the Master degree in software engineering in 2006 and currently serving as a software engineer at Impcsupport. She provides informative articles on Online PC Support, PC technical support, windows support, computer maintenance tools and software’s.
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