Windows Live Messenger Emoticons Backup – Save Customizations


Windows Live Messenger Emoticons Backup – Save Customizations

Windows messenger is a chat program that is used globally by millions of people. It has become a medium for internet communication. Chat programs such as these generally come with customizations such as emoticons, smileys, nudges and winks. Users can add infinite amounts of addons to these rosters. Iconbackup is a tool that can help backup vital customizations such as these. Emoticons are used to liven up chatting and personalizing internet profiles. However crashes and corrupted data are a normal occurrence due to the high usage of chat programs. Therefore has come up with a solution.

Emoticons and smileys are used widely by many users. It helps to liven chat messages, usernames and status messages. Emoticons come in a variety of sizes and formats. This size is determined by the emoticons function and graphic detail. The better the quality and animation the larger the emoticon is bound to be. Iconbackup can back up emoticons regardless of the size and nature of the emoticon. File types such as GIF, JPG and PNG are all compatible with iconbackup. Iconbackup can upload your emoticons and smileys to entirely different software with a few simple clicks.

Windows live messenger is the main focus of iconbackup. This is due to the fact that MSN and windows messenger is the one of the most used chat software on the internet. There are many people using emoticons and smileys on this software.

The animation is a popular trait and generally selected for by users. GIF files also offer a bonus by being miniscule in size. Iconbackup is the ideal tool for users who love to customize their msn or yahoo interface and chat. Spicing up the plain old status message can now be achieved thanks to iconbackup.

Iconbackup is the ideal tool for your workplace and home PC. It is spyware and malware free therefore you do not have to worry about having your personal data stolen. Other benefits of iconbackup involve using the browsing gallery to share emoticons with friends and family. Backing up software is especially important. Data and personal files generally take priority but your customizations are always lost, with iconbackup you can now save your internet profile customizations and upload them anywhere. These emoticons will always be within a mouse clicks reach.

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