Wireless Home Alarm Systems for the Budget-Minded

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Wireless Home Alarm Systems for the Budget-Minded

A fundamental concern of home owners is the protection of their homes and families from danger-from intrusion by burglars, or from accidents or malfunctions such as fire, smoke or flooding. In the case of an emergency situation involving serious personal injury, they would also want to have rapid access to an ambulance or other assistance. A wireless home alarm system will provide that protection.

The fact that these new alarm systems do not need to be wired into the house structure allows for an almost limitless combination of alarm designs; home owners can handpick the components they want among the many that are available. Technology-savvy home owners can customize their own security systems in this way.

A basic wireless home alarm system consists of a control panel, sensors, key remotes, sirens, battery backup, and optional monitoring services. The control panel is the brain of the system, and controls and monitors all parts of the system. Magnetic sensors are attached to doors and windows to detect attempted entry by an intruder. Key remotes allow for turning on and off the alarm system from a distance. Home owners can opt to include or omit the external monitoring service, depending on need and cost. This service will activate emergency services, such as police, ambulance, or fire department when signaled by the control panel, and is an added protection if emergencies occur during absence from the home.

Some of the new models will allow for 60 sensors, 24 webcams, and have live two-way voice. There are smart sensors that will differentiate between pets or small children and intruders. The two-way voice enables communication real time between the owner and a central station so that the nature of the emergency can be explained and the appropriate help secured quickly. This feature also enables the monitoring station to see and hear if someone is in the home and send a voice warning to the intruder with the threat that authorities are on their way. Modern systems can notify the owner of the intruder via email, fax, ftp, sms messenger, telephone, or pager. Automation accessories can control appliances from a computer, like switching appliances on and off.

Whether planning to self-install or to contract the installation, home owners should first make a thorough study of the property and identify the spots where a sensor is needed, to determine how many sensors the alarm kits must have. (It is wise to increase this number so as to enable future expansions or upgrades.) They should also be clear about other components needed, such as a motion detector, surveillance cameras, remote keys, emergency buttons, sirens, etc. , and also of the monitoring service desired. They can get an idea of what is offered by alarm companies by researching the Internet.

It does not cost anything to engage an alarm company to send a representative for making a site survey and recommending a package for a designated price. That will give home owners a basis for deciding on the best system that is affordable. Before signing up with a company, home owners can check on reviews by previous clients, on UL (Underwriters Laboratory) listing, Better Business Bureau listing, and membership in the National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association.

Budget-minded home owners will find that the money spent on a basic wireless home alarm system is well worth the peace of mind that comes with this added protection. If selected with the future in mind, the system will allow for expansion or upgrading, and furthermore, is portable and can be taken to a new home, or even used to protect a vehicle. Lastly, an installed wireless home alarm system may bring the benefits of reduced insurance costs, and added value if the house is sold.

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