WorldCommunicate Product and Opportunity Review

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WorldCommunicate Product and Opportunity Review

WorldCommunicate or Wor(l)d is a company that is truly connecting the world in one huge world-wide network. WorldCommunicate is uniquely positioned to taking advantage of the rise in international mobile communications. One in three adults in all of the developed countries now have a smartphone, or ready access to one. Even giants like Microsoft and Google are looking to profit from this trend. Microsoft recently bought Skpe for $ 8.5 billion while Google bought Motorola’s entire mobile division for an eye-popping $ 12 billion. WorldCommunicate is already in over 75 countries though, with working products and services.

If your business takes you to different countries around the world or you just like to travel, then I think you will love what Worldcommunicate has to offer. These offerings include Wireless telecommunication services, wireless mobile devices including cell phones and international SIM (iSim) cards, as well as GSM Sim and SoftSim, and a lucrative, affordable global business opportunity. So if you are coming at this from a business perspective, no doubt the idea of a truly global market and the prospect of building a worldwide distributor network has to be appealing.

Worldcommunicate is a subsidiary of Global Mobile Network. GMN is based in the United States, but there is a decidedly international flavor to everything I’ve been able to find out about this company. GMN has a stated goal to become the global leader in mobile, internet-based telecommunications over the next five years. Indeed their mission is to “provide Wireless Telecommunication Services without borders or boundaries”. Services that allow people to connect for free or at greatly reduced communication costs. They utilize a mobile Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) application that can be used on a variety of mobile devices and an international GSM network through iSim cards. With an iSim card, you do not need to be connected to the internet.

There are plenty of benefits for using Worldcommunicate services. For example, you can keep and use your existing mobile or home phone number in more than 75 available countries. You can receive phone calls in these countries without expensive roaming charges and otherwise enjoy local phone rates. You can chat with, or call, or even videoconference with your friends on social networks like Facebook, Yahoo, ICQ, etc. with others who have activated the SoftSim. Calls from one device with SoftSim to another SoftSim device are always free. You can also send SMS text messages for free in all of the 75+ participating countries. You can call and text at reduced rates to all of the rest of the countries and mobile devices not included in the worldcommunicate network.

There are even more benefits though for those who choose to promote the WorldCommunicate products and opportunity. Not only do you get access to WorldCommunicate products and services at deeply discounted rates, you can earn money and even more free calls by referring WorldCommunicate to your friends. You can also leverage your own efforts by creating a network of associates who refer WorldCommunicate to their friends, and so on.

WorldCommunicate affiliates also enjoy the benefit of instant payments with the Wor(l)d Cash Card. As soon as a sale is made a commission is sent directly to the affiliate’s eWallet. Affiliates also have access to a fast-start training program developed by MLM legend Randy Gage that will teach affiliates the most effective ways to market the opportunity and build and develop a network of affiliates. The compensation plan is very lucrative, but I really don’t have time to do it justice here, so I have to refer you to a WorldCommunicate site to get more information on that.

You have a choice of three levels to get involved with the WorldCommunicate opportunity. You can start out with a Pro Affiliate package for $ 199, or the Master Communicate Affiliate package for $ 499 or finally, the Master Technology package for $ 720. There is an annual $ 39 setup and administrative fee for all levels. Each successive level provides you with more product and unlocks more of the compensation plan. For example you can earn up to $ 1000 a week at the Pro Affiliate level and $ 75,000 at both the Master Communicate and Master Technology levels. WorldCommunicate also has a $ 1500 BMW incentive program that is relatively easy to qualify for. Again, I strongly advise that you check out the compensation plan yourself.

Regardless of which ever level you are at though, you will have to work hard to become successful. Having good leadership and training will take you a long way towards success, but in the end it will be up to you. WorldCommunicate has a good training program with the Randy Gage Fast-Start training and the Building Machine Tools developed by Fabio Galdi. WorldCommunicate also has great leaders like Hauwa Abubakar. Hauwa is a very professional, yet compassionate leader who often puts the interests of her associates ahead of her own. She is very dedicated to helping her team not only to succeed, but to personally develop and grow as individuals. It doesn’t hurt that she is also a very knowledgeable marketer. I don’t think you could go wrong working with Hauwa Abubakar.

I feel like I have barely scratched the surface of the WorldCommunicate opportunity and services. There was just so much that I could not get to here. Again, I strongly advise you to find out as much as you can about this opportunity.

You can get more information about Worldcommunicate and its products here at WorldCommunicate.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this WorldCommunicate Review .

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