WoW PvP Guide


WoW PvP Guide

World of war craft pvp has become one of very popular games in the gaming forum today. It is a high end game play with multiplayer options, so that players from all over the world can compete against each other. It is a highly challenging and rewarding game. Here the players can conduct massive and aggressive raids in order to beat their opponent. The game is very addictive and is capable of grabbing attention and concentration of an individual and retaining it for a considerable amount of time period.

Wow pvp game has numerous aspects and sections which should be well understood by the gamer, if he desires to claim the win and success in the game. Some of the vital aspects are briefed below –

* Communication – A player cannot succeed in the game without the use of proper communication software. Text chat is not the solution at all as there is no time at all to see what your team mate has written and write back to him. It shall only cause the team to lose faster. Using voice chat is the most advisable thing. One can easily ask for heals, to switch targets and refresh crowd control. The most effective programs which can be used are Skype, yahoo messenger talk or ventrillo.

* Key bindings and Macros – This is another set of aspect of the multi player game which needs utmost consideration. Characters used in the game have a number of abilities which are impossible to be fitted in a quick bar. Moreover a player has to use everything if he wants to taste success. Therefore it is recommended to quick bind all the abilities. More over one can effectively use them through a little practice. Macros on the other hand are found on the q bar slot and are a combination of skills and spells. So when a spell is put into action the skill combined with it automatically gets forced into action. The combination of macros and key bindings affect the performance to its enhancement.

* Add on – There are a lot of add on features which contribute in increasing the arena performance. The most used add on for the arena are Totem Tracker, Purge Helper, CooldownTimers, Antagonist and Proximo. Some other add on features are also available to help you see information of the opponents, oberve the enemies, and manage your own cooldown at maximum.

* Talent builds – there are lots of roles with different talent built which can be applied towards an effective team. So one should ensure that the team specifications are in tune with the specific roles.

* Gear- This is very important as it decides the final losing or winning of the game. Gear when combined with good equipment increases the chances of winning remarkably.

All the basic aspects are covered above and solve the purpose of an efficient wow pvp guide. But it should be remembered that world of war craft pvp is a multiplayer game and it’s the team effort and not a single individual’s performance which affects the result.

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